Lord Jameson - PB+J Pill Hider Treats 6oz

Lord Jameson - PB+J Pill Hider Treats 6oz

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 Smooth notes of peanut butter paired with bits of sweet blueberry and peanut chunks. This pill hider is not just a treat - it's a delicious reward that turns medication time into a tail wagging experience.

Treat your dog with their medication in 3 easy steps!

  1. Insert Pill Or Capsule.
  2. Pinch Treat Closed.
  3. Feed Treat To Dog.

Texture Confusion Psychology

All of our recipes include real bits of ingredients; ie peanuts, apples, blueberries. The dog is unable to differentiate which is pill and which is part of the treat. This "Texture Confusion" helps decrease the chance of the dog spitting pill back out.

Bold, Exciting Flavors

Our Pill Hider collections features exciting flavors unlike the existing options on the market. These robust flavor profiles are designed to mask bitterness of medication, adding additional ease to the pill administration process.

Clean, Dog-Allergy Friendly Recipe

It saddened us to see competitors adding inflammation or allergy triggering ingredients to an item used to administer medication. NONE of our recipes include animal proteins, preservatives, fillers like corn, wheat, soy, dairy, or any artificial ingredients.

30 Treats + 6 Bonus Treats... Why?

Each bag of pill hiders includes a 30-day supply plus 6 bonus treats, crafted to reduce the chance of your dog spitting out the pill.

The bonus treats are to be first given "unloaded" to introduce the pill hider without medication inside. This allows your dog to get hooked on the tasty treat alone! When it's time for a "loaded" treat, your dog will eagerly gobble it up, not expecting a pill inside, medication and all!

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